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Latest Design Works

AI-Powered Fun Learning: Designing an Educational Reading App for Kids

In 2023, Anna worked on designing the app concept for elementary school kids, promoting literacy and knowledge with AI-generated stories. The main goal was to design the interface that was child-friendly, magical, and engaging while assuring parents of its educational value.

HealthSpan: Empowering Daily Wellness Choices

In this project, Anna designed a concept for the iOS app that offers a visually engaging way to track both long-term well-being and daily health investments in activities like exercise, sleep, and nutrition to encourage users to make proactive choices for their health.

Tejet: Replenishing account balance via Telegram bot

The task was to design screens for clients to replenish their balances through a Telegram bot. The focus was on ensuring easy navigation, clarity of information presentation, and minimizing the necessary actions to complete the balance replenishment process.

Designing Hourself: a Minimalist iOS App for Time Tracking

In 2023, Anna designed an iOS app for easy time tracking and allocation analysis. The app follows a minimalist black-and-white style with essential color codes, creating a calm and tidy interface. As project deliverables, Anna designed high-fidelity Figma prototypes to illustrate its functionality and created two major user flows for first-time users and returning users.


Anna Muklinova is a freelance app designer passionate about crafting mobile experiences

"I believe apps are like people – each one is different and deserves to have its own personality waiting to be discovered. I'm all about giving each app its own unique vibe, making sure it shines bright among the competitors." - Anna
IT services and IT Support
Health and Longevity
Online Learning
Real Estate
Children Books
Telegram Apps
Artificial Intelligence


Some nice words
from her clients

Anna not only produced aesthetically beautiful pages and layouts, she was also the best designer in terms of having most thoroughly digested our rather detailed design brief and following the instructions therein without prompting from us. She was extremely responsive and I would look forward to working with her again in the future.
defurr, Trophy Locker app
Working with Anna was a delightful experience! The workflow was seamless - she gathered all requirements, created a design prototype, implemented adjustments, and assisted in modifying content to suit the website layout. Anna is an exceptionally professional and reliable designer that you can rely on.
Sergei Simonian, CEO at PK Lab
We had the pleasure of working with Anna Muklinova on the creation of multiple landing pages for a series of campaigns. Her designs, navigation and creative thinking helped us quickly improve our marketing and sales effort. She is professional, process oriented and fast. Anna was a pleasure to work with and her designs were wonderful. I highly recommend her and her work.
David Carrithers, Marketing Support at Tardigrade Technology
Anna did an exceptional job listening to each and every one of our design requests and executed them flawlessly. She knew exactly where we wanted to go with our design and we couldn't be happier. We hope to work with her again in the future.
Alex Kalogeropoulos, the Social Station Web App
Easy to work with, very patient
Max Avrukin, VendRespect Web App
Excellent job! The design was right on target, and Anna was super easy to work with. We love the end product and highly recommend Anna.
Matt, Tardigrade Technology Landing Page
Anna is just Brilliant...
Ayman Bari, Hourself Mobile App

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